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    Eventually The Co-Learning Studio will have Do It Ourselves Lessons on dozens of subjects..


   1000's of videos, instructions, diagrams, tutorials etc. on dozens of subjects such as FITNESS, ARTS, TECHNOLOGIES, FABRICATION, FASHION, SUSTAINABLE LIVING.


 Currently only Culinary lessons available.  

Ethical Entities

   Discover Local Communities Waiting for YOU in a way that makes sense to YOU.

    Community Sustaining Businesses & NFP's, Public Art &  Neighborhood Gardens can be found in LiveCarePhilly through:

     -An Interactive Neighborhood Map

    -Not-For-Profit Database by Community

    -Progressive Businesses by Industry

    -Public Art & Gardens 


The M.A.C. Fund


  The Money Across Communities Fund Page is our commitment to above & beyond 



      "The M.A.C. Fund" will keep LiveCarePhily honest, ever pioneering, never self focused, always here for YOU. 


~Featured Recipes, Neighborhoods & Entities~

Mighty Writers

     Mighty Writers is a LiveCarePhilly Favorite. This very special NFP is conceived and operated by talented and brilliant individuals who would have made fortunes more in the private sector.


   Instead their efforts have garnered 

fortunes of opportunity for and around the lives of thousands of children city wide.

    Check them out in our NFP directory under YOUTH



    -Mad Love on all our social media. 

    -Free $3 Membership ($3 will be our top tier package once we make "Memberships" live)

    -"Double The Vote", each month we'll hold a member vote on what NFP to donate our "M.A.C. Fund" to. Content Contributor Member votes will count as 2. 


   Melody is my absurdly cool niece and LiveCarePhilly's first content contributor. 

    She made some banana bread and filmed the process on her phone. This fun lil' video might help you make her delicious recipe for Banana Bread.

    Once we turn on "The M.A.C. Fund" her content will also be helping to generate financial support for Philadelphia communities she cares about. 

     Have you knowledge or ability that can benefit another

Turning Attention into Community

Monthly Donation Source =

-100% Content Revenue

-!00% Sales Gross Profit

-At least 25% All Member Fees


Donation Purse dispersed to Philly NFP's every month according to Monthly Member Vote

Ever Expanding Content

LiveCarePhilly's pages will open for contribution soon.


LiveCarePhilly's model will inspire many to share with all.


LiveCarePhilly is community.

Just by "clicking", YOU have contributed.

Thank You & Welcome.





The larger our audience is,

the more incentive


have to contribute content.

so PLEASE "Follow" & "Share".

The more audience "clicks", the more NFP's are $upported.

so PLEASE Explore & Connect.

Thank YOU for feedback.

~Coming Soon~

Launching August, see About Us for descriptions and details.

A Store

I was going to write a summary for each of these upcoming features

A Blog

And personalize the pictures,

style & font

A Podcast

But for now ... the photos preloaded into this template better express whats to come then my words ever could.

Other Apps & Sites Donating THEIR Profit to OUR World

          -A search engine that cleans the oceans & feeds the starving  with every search

         -A walk / run / biking tracker that donates to charity as you move

         -A photo uploader that funds children's surgery & combats homelessness every time you share a photo

             ....and so much more!    

We Love You.