Our map divides Philly into 65 neighborhoods. Click on anyone of them to discover what Not-For-Profits, Community Gardens, Public Art and Community Focused Businesses can be found in them. 

The Learning Studio

  For now our Learning Studio is entirely focused on culinary arts (recipes, blogs, guides, tutorials, charts & tables, etc.).

   But over time we will evolve to archive 1000's of lessons covering an array of activities which enrich life. 

The Store

   You'll find both physical and digital retail, art, crafts, literature, collectables and more.

90% of ALL profit is donated to NFP's via the M.A.C. Initiative.

The Interactive Philly Map

LESSONS: Culinary, Recipe

   Of all Chef Nubbs' Tomato Recipes, this is the most standard. To download a digital copy either visit our store (0.99 cents) or download for free as a member right off the recipe page.



Zachary Scott

BLOG: Culinary, Meal Preperation

Been seeing that special someone for a while now? Ready to meet mom and dad? How about we really risk it all and cook for them on the first visit. Ha, we got this ... it'll be a blast.



Zachary Scott

Not-For-Profit Profile: Animal Rescue

Morris Animal Shelter

Morris has been a Not-For-Profit member for a long time now so we thought we should include them in this weeks features. Check out their profile page and social media. You'll find the best friend you didn't know you had.



Morris Animal Shelter

LESSONS: Fitness, Boxing

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

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Jasmine Aziz

STORE: Physical, Apparel

King Chuck has dropped another clothing design to support Morris Animal Refuge. 100% profits of the first 100 sold donated directly to Morris Animal Refuge. 90% of all sales after allocated to M.A.C. Initiative. 



King Chuck III

Business Profile: Restaurant

In Queen Village there is an unassuming breakfast/lunch spot that we need you to know about. The quality of their food and service is only outdone by their progressive ethics and community love. 


The Bagel Place