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Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

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(215) 427-3300

2578 Frankfurt Ave, Philadelphia Pa

No summary does Amalgam justice. One of the most outstanding businesses in Philadelphia ... in several regards one of the most noteworthy businesses opened in the last decade nationwide. If this unique summary and the aclamades of tags leaves you curious I recommend you just google them and read whatever article catches your eye. Visit their website after you see their impact ... Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse is a real testimony to the power of imagination, compassion, endurance and community.

Cast Your Cares Meals


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(215) 634-7445

Addiction Services, Free Meals, Hunger Relief, Classes/Education, Homeless Services, Financial Counseling, Financial Assistance, Family Assistance, Community Services

2438 Kensington Ave, 19125

Many in the inner-city do not have family and friends to turn to for help and advice. Cast Your Cares provides a much needed service by helping neighbors get the council and guidance they need. They match the need with the available service provider.

Curing Community

Museums, Parks, Murals

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Artist: Cesar Viveros

Philly Culture, Philly Mural Arts Project, Fine Arts, Artist Empowerment, Urban Development

101 W. Lehigh Ave, Philadelpina 19133

Philadelphia Pharmacy is a fixture of North Philly—a small business that does good in the neighborhood, it has been painted twice before by artist Parris Stancell. In 2017, we painted it a third time with artist Cesar Viveros, who was inspired by community stories about medicine, from homemade herbal remedies to mom-and-pop drugstores. His own memories of aloe vera and herbal teas helped him create a mural about the sense of human compassion that should be more present in today’s world.


Urban Development

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(267) 236-7000

Urban Development, Financial Assistance, Financial Counseling, Financial Services, Legal Services

1301 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia Pa

FINANTA is a nonprofit lending institution facilitating access to capital and consultation services for consumers, entrepreneurs, and first-time homebuyers in the Philadelphia region.



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(215) 232-7746

Financial Counseling, Urban Development, Financial Assistance, Mental Health, Medical Services, Classes/Education, Community Services, Legal Services

519 W. Girard Ave,

Merakey is a leading developmental, behavioral health, and education non-profit provider offering a breadth of integrated services to individuals and communities across the country. We leverage our size and expertise to develop innovative solutions and new models of care to meet the needs of individuals, their families, public and private healthcare funders and community partner organizations.
At Merakey, we do not have to refer individuals out of our system for additional services, but rather we can design a system around that person. Merakey continues to be the safety net for people who otherwise could not afford care.

Naturally Sweet Desserts

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(267) 405-2322

3525 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia Pa

As a former Type 2 Diabetic, I know the importance of healthy eating. I also know that the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains provided by nature can improve our overall health.
We believe simple ingredients that are locally sourced, sustainably grown and harvested create the most delicious desserts.

Rock To The Future


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(215) 302-9633

Youth Education, Performances, Artist Empowerment, Philly Culture, Community Services, Education, Children

2644 Coral Street, Philadelphia Pa

Rock to the Future provides student-driven music programs in a safe and supportive environment at no cost for Philadelphia youth. We prepare the next generation for every stage.
We envision that all youth in Philadelphia will unlock their fullest potential through the benefits of learning music.
We believe in the power of music to improve lives. We value: collaboration, progression, courage, harmony & rocking out!

Sisters of St. Joseph Welcome Center

Immigration & International

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(215) 634-1696

Literacy, Legal Services, Immigration, International Relations, Housing Services, Education, Community Services

728 E. Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia Pa

The SSJ Welcome Center was established to respond to the needs of newcomers in our neighborhood, community and country.
We recognize the many challenges immigrants face as they begin a new life in our country. From learning English, to finding jobs, to communicating with their children’s teachers, to navigating the healthcare system, our students face daily struggles. We aim to educate and provide resources to these friends.

The Magical Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden

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(267) 850-5445

2241 N. Philip Street, Philadelphia Pa

The Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, is a visionary project that encompasses a diverse set of goals in order to address a wide range of issues that face this neighborhood. The intent is to engage and connect with resources that already exist and provide a creative artistic outlet so that community members can participate in their own transformation. The project is grounded on the simple and down to earth concept of exchange and sharing.

Women's Community Revitalization Project

Women's Services

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(215) 229-4020

Women's Empowerment, Urban Development, Family Assistance, Legal Services, Community Services, Motherhood

2036 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia Pa

Women's Community Revitalization Project has established itself as a leader in advocating for equitable, healthy community development as well as support for local women and their families. In addition to developing affordable housing, the organization leads community organizing campaigns aimed at shaping public policy outcomes, manages its properties and provides supportive services to tenants and communities throughout Philadelphia.

We Love You.