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Connection Training Services


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(215) 320-5529

Job Training, Jail to Jobs, Homeless Services, Youth Education, Financial Counseling, Addiction Services, Adult Education, Urban Development, Community Services

2243 West Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia 19132

The CTS Mission is to provide for economic, housing and social needs of the disadvantaged populations of Philadelphia to enable participants to begin the path to self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. In addition to many programs they offer Adult Re-Entry Programs & re-entry services to non-violent (and some violent) offenders returning to Philadelphia from incarceration in federal, state and local prisons.

Youth Build USA


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(215) 430-0381

Job Training, Youth Education, Scholarships & Grants, Community Services, Adult Education, Education

2233 West Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia 19132

YouthBuild is a non-residential, community-based alternative education program that provides classroom instruction and occupational skills training in construction and other in-demand occupations.
Low-income young people who have left high school without a diploma enroll full-time in YouthBuild Programs for about 10 months. A strong emphasis is placed on creating a safe and caring community of adults and peers committed to each other’s success.

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