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Comhar Inc.


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(215) 203-3000

Family Assistance, Mental Health, Community Services, LGBTQ, Kids Health, Addiction Services, Senior Services, Education, Financial Counseling

100 West Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia 19133

"To provide health and human services that empower individuals, families and communities to live healthier, self-determined lives." We believe that all people have the ability to change and grow and that services built on choice enable that growth. We know that individual differences enrich our lives with diversity, new ideas and new perspectives. We know that people are spiritual beings who seek meaning and purpose for their lives and so we are committed to holistic care. We see that peer support is effective in promoting growth and recovery.

Congreso Latino Communities

Immigration & International

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(215) 763-8870

Multi-Cultural Emphasis, Ethnic Culture, Family Assistance, Financial Services, Adult Education, Community Services, Food & Health, Legal Services, Civil Rights

216 W. Somerset Street, 191333

Congreso is a leading provider of high-quality programs with an expert focus on the Latino community. Its Primary Client Model (PCM™), which ensures a client-centered, data-driven approach to service delivery, is the foundation for Congreso’s nationally renowned emphasis on outcomes measurement.

Felder William Project


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(267) 850-2786

Domestic Violence, Youth Education, Children, Kids Health, Mental Health, Classes/Education

2301 N. 9th St, Philadelphia 19133

The Felder-Williams Project aspires to increase awareness in the community on every facet of child abuse; along with encouraging children to grow through obstacles that stand in their way. We, at The Felder-Williams Project nonprofit organization, graciously accept any monetary donations given in support of helping the families and children in need!

Great Mrs. Fortune Foundation


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(215) 834-7676

Job Training, Food & Health, Family Assistance, Free Meals, Youth Education, Homeless Services, Community Services

2900 N. Marshall St, Philadelphia 19133

To inspire & to become inspired. To transform, motivate and encourage men, women and children of all ages in our Communities. To Impact the communities through education, job training, team work along with helping defeat hunger & Poverty. Empowering & preparing others for a successful life, teaching that self-sufficiency, self-motivation, self-awareness, self-respect and respect for others, anyone can rise above their hardship.

Power of Positivity - Mural

Museums, Parks, Murals

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Philly Mural Arts Program

Philly Culture, Arts, Community Services, Urban Development

2800 N. American St, Philadelphia 19133

This project focuses on maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adversity and conflict. Ortiz led conversations and workshops with students focusing on eliciting the positive components of the problems we face.

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