HOW does LiveCarePhilly Raise $$ for Non Profits?

The M.A.C. Fund

WHAT is the "Capped Income Commitment" of the LCP Staff?

WHO are the Founders and Team?

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The M.A.C. Fund

"Money Across Communities"

How & Why We Raise & Give $$

When the son of one of my best friends became ill with cancer, our friends started raising money . . . but I was flat broke.  And though I would have given everything so help save him, I was in chef school and wasn't even really eating anything other than what I was making at school or work.  His name is Mac.  And, though he left this world a long time ago, I've never forgotten him, and want to start the MAC fund in his honor.  


The M.A.C. Fund (Money Across Communities Fund) is where we pool all the income from this website (after expenses) to donate to PHILLY CHARITIES,  EVERY MONTH.   

"After Expenses?" you ask, "That's shady," you may think.  "What if the LiveCarePhilly employees each make $200,000 and there's only $10 per month left over to donate?  

NO WORRIES!! We have all committed to an income cap.  Here's how it works.  


No Less than 50% of ALL income will be Donated

If this site generates $100 - we'll donate at least $50. 

If it generates $100,000 - we'll donate at least $50,000

If that means the staff is running this site in their spare time, for free, because there's not enough money to do it full time, so be it.  

However, we hope to grow this thing into a huge income generator because the more we raise, the more we can give away!!!

Staff Income Cap

LiveCarePhilly staff (including the founder) have committed to never making more than 6x the poverty line ($60,000 for a single person, and $125,000 for a household of 5, for example).   Combined with the commitment to give away a minimum of 50% of our site income, we're positioned to make a livable wage but hope to generate far more $$ to give away than to keep.   


If the LCP generates $500 per month, then we'll give away $250, and use the other $250 for our site expenses.  

But our goal is to have 3 full time staff and a bunch of interns.  With a fully funded team, our operations budget will be about $35,000 per month.  So if our site generates $35,000/mo then we will operate at half pay, and still give away $17,500.  

If the site generates $80,000 then we'll be operating at our $35,000, and giving away $45,000.  

If the site generates $500,000 then we'll still operate at the cap, and give away about $465,000.  

See, THE MORE MONEY LiveCarePhilly makes the more we give away!! 

With other FOR PROFIT companies, the more the company makes, the more the executives make.  But not us.  Here, The more the company makes, the more we give away.  

The Team

Zach Scott   Dreamer, Founder, Chef

Thank you for recognizing that LiveCarePhilly is the hobby of one dude.


I try to add a little every day and have literally 1000's of entities to post.

NONE THE LESS, please never hesitate to send suggestions or content or whatever. Corrections too! If you see something incorrect on this site let me know.

Any help or knowledge in any way is greatly appreciated.

Please visit the about us page to learn more about the vision and core values of LiveCarePhilly.

Email: Love@LiveCarePhilly.Org

Carol Scott Haslam    Co-Dreamer,  Infrastructure Guru,  Writer

Carol ...

We Love You.