12              Anchovies, salt preserved (don’t be cheap)

4 cloves    Garlic

2.5 oz.       Butter

3 Tbsp.      EVOO

Loaf           Baguette, sliced and lightly toasted.

Enough     Assortment of raw vegetables


1. Gently rinse the anchovies under cold water to remove all salt.


2. Using a pairing knife slice along back of anchovy fillets removing the backbone and the head completely.

3. Don’t chop, turn and cut fillets into tiny pieces.

4. Preferably the fresh garlic should be passed through a garlic press but if not available chop and mash with flat end of chefs knife to make paste.

5.  Combine garlic in saucepan with anchovies, butter and oil. Stir with wooden spoon over low heat until smoothly uniform paste is developed.

6. Season to taste with Sea Salt and freshly cracked white pepper.

7. Serve with toasted bread slices and raw vegetables.


10 Minutes


1/2 - 1 pint

Pro Tip:

 -The more gourmet the anchovy the better. People hate anchovies because they get cheap crapy ones from the middle of the middle aisle in some huge grocery store that might have decent produce but has no business selling salt packed anchovies. If possible find  a good French, Italian or Greek delicatessen or gourmet shop to discover what an anchovy is supposed to be.

Interesting History & Trivia:

-Also known as "Bagna Cauda"

We Love You.