1/4 #           Beef Filet (preferably Angus)***

1                 Yolk, large

1/2 Tbsp.    Gherkins

1/2 Tbsp.    Capers

1 tsp.          Red Onion

1/2 Tbsp.    Parsley

Dash           Tabasco

Dash           Worcestershire

Dash           Brandy of choice

TT               S/Wh. Pepper or Freshly crack black pepper


1. Chop meat very very finely with a well sharpened knife.


2. Beat yolk and mix in completely with finger tips.


3. Chop finely gherkins, capers, red onion and parsley separately then mix together then mix into meat egg mixture.


4. Season to taste with tabasco, worcestershire and brandy.


5. Season to taste with kosher salt and either white pepper or freshly cracked black pepper.


6. Place in small molds of choice and reserve in refrigerator for an hour or two then serve.



Pro Tip:

-Served nicely on toasted brioche slices. Quail eggs traditionally fried are used as a common garnish.

Interesting History & Trivia:

***NOTE: Consuming raw meat is delicious but needs to be done so responsibly. Raw meat MUST be VERY fresh and ok for consumption. If unsure then check with your market when purchasing. A butcher or small market generally knows better and carries better quality than your average supermarket.

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