Ethics, Philosophy, Operational Studies, Finances & History of The Kitchen

Examination into some of Frances most influential, early Chefs. Who they were and what they contributed.


Dead Chefs, FR.

Classical French Kitchen setup by position & duty. This is where we get "The Line" from.

Operations & Form

Brigade System

Examinations into the passion of serving others. Why it's an honor, how it's an art.

Philosophy & Ethics

Serving Is Art

What The American Culinary Federations official Epicurean Pledge is and some thoughts on it. 

Culinary Ethics

ACF Pledge

Why the Chefs uniform, unlike any other industries, is nearly identical no matter what country, culture or kitchen you are working in.

Operations & Form


Why is anger so pervasive in the kitchen? 

Why, understandable as it may be, is it unacceptable to act like that celebrity with the hair.

Philosophy & Anger

Kitchen Anger

We Love You.