3/4 Cup     Mango, skinned and small dice

3/4 Cup     Papaya, skinned and small dice

1/2 Cup     Tomatillo, skinned and small dice

1/2 Cup     Peaches, skinned and small dice

1/4 Cup     Red Onion, small dice

2 Tbsp.     Mint Leaves, fresh, shredded

1 pinch     Chili Powder

1 Tbsp.     Lime juice, freshly squeezed

TT             Black Pepper, freshly ground

TT             Kosher Salt

2-3 drops  White Vinegar



1. Chiffonade mint

2. Mix lime juice, vinegar, mint, chili powder, salt & pepper in a mixing bowl.

3. Dice produce and toss in seasoning mixture.

4. Grab a chip.

5. Dip chip into salsa.

6. Is it good? If not, add more of whatever is missing 'cause that will make it awesomer. 

7. Enjoy like it's 1999.

PREP TIME: 5-10 minutes

YIELD: 2/3rds - 1 Quart

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