1 Tbsp.     Cayenne Powder

1 Tbsp.     Paprika

1 Tbsp.     White Pepper

1 Tbsp.     Black Pepper

4 #            Chicken deboned and skinned

3 Tbsp.     Salt

20 oz.       Flour

28 fl. oz   Vegetable Oil

2.5 #        Onions, medium dice

2.5 #        Celery, medium dice

1.5 #        Green Bell Peppers, medium dice

2 Tbsp     Garlic, chopped

2 Tbsp.    File powder

4 qt.         Chicken Stock

2 #           Andouille Sausage, sliced and rounds cut in half.

1 #           Okra

3 cups     Rice, White, long grain, cooked



1. Mix together your peppers, paprika and salt.


2. Cut your chicken into 1 inch cubes and toss in pepper and salt mix then dust chicken with flour.


3. Sauté the chicken in apx 8 fl. oz. of the oil and reserve.


4. Strain the oil to remove any burnt particles and return to pan with additional 16 oz. of vegetable oil.

5. Over a medium heat whisk in the flour and continue cooking for 45-60 minutes stirring regularly to prevent burning but rather develop a rich copper color.


6. Stir in celery, bell peppers, garlic, file powder, by leaves and remaining salt and pepper mix.


7. Simmer hard for about 5 or 6 minutes then stir in stock and bring back to a simmer.


8. Skim the surface of impurities as you continue to simmer gently for an additional 90 minutes or so.


9. When you don’t taste the roux any more add cooked chicken and sausage and continue cooking for about an hour.


10. Sauté the okra in about 4 fl. oz. of the vegetable oil. Strain and mix into gumbo.


 11. Season to taste and serve over rice.  


 12. Even better, serve over risotto.



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