2                Chicken carcasses and giblets

6                Carrot

4                Turnip, small

2                Leeks, large, trimmed, split lengthwise

1 stalk       Celery

1                Onion, large

2                Cloves

1 sprig      Thyme

1                Bay leaf

2 sprig      Parsley

TT             S/Wh. Pepper

5 qt.          Water



1. Place chicken carcasses and giblets in an appropriately sized stock pot and cover with 5 quarts cold water. Bring to a boil and reduce to hard simmer or light boil. Decenter stock pot slightly to one side of the flame so that the flame hits the side of stock pot and not the center.   *NOTE: you do this in order to force impurities and muck to one side of pot ... if you don’t get what I mean you will once you see it happening.


2. Make sure to skim regularly until clear ... this can take 45-90 minutes depending.


3. Make bouquet garni by tying together cloves, thyme, bay leaf and parsley in cheesecloth with twine or whatever.


4. Drop bouquet garni and vegetables in stock pot making sure to either tie bouquet garni twine to handle or draping over the side.


5. Bring back to boil, reduce back to simmer (not so hard this time). Cover and continue to about 3 hours making sure to skim when necessary.


6. Strain through at least a strainer but for finer result, through china cap or chinois and for even finer result, china cap or chinois lined with cheese cloth.


7. Season to taste with Salt and White or Black Pepper.



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