4                 Chicken Breasts, Lg., Boneless

4 pieces     Hot Sopressata (San Danielle)*

4 pieces     Rosemary Ham (Parma)*

4 pieces     Swiss, sharp (Finlandia)*

To Coat     Panko Bread Crumbs

To Coat     Flour

6                 Eggs

6-8 Tbsp.   Milk

4-5 sprigs  Thyme, fresh and chopped

1 qt.            Bechamel Sauce or the like




1. Butterfly Chicken breasts.


2. Layer at least one slice of swiss across each of the inside of your butterflied chicken breasts. On top of the Swiss place a layer of Hot Sopressata and then a layer of the Parma Rosemary Ham. As you place the cheese and ham be sure to least at least a 1/4 inch around the edges of chicken.


3. Fold the chicken back over itself so edges of breast touch each other enveloping the cheese and hams.


4. Add chopped thyme to panko bread crumbs and set up bread station with Flour, Eggs and milk, Bread Crumb/Thyme mixture. Bread according to standard breading procedure. Reserve in refrigerator for a half hour or so then bake at 375 until golden and done...20-40 min depending on size of breasts and how many fricken times you open the darn oven and poke them with that stupid (albeit sometimes necessary) thermometer.



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