5 #             Pickling Cucumbers

3 gal.         Water

32 fl. oz.    Water

1 #             Salt

2 oz.          Salt

32 fl. oz.   Vinegar, white or cider

3/4 Tbsp    Dill Seed

1 oz.          Pickling Spice

2 tsp.         Turmeric, ground

2 oz.          Sugar

2                Chili’s, hot and dried

1/2 bu.      Dill Sprigs

3 cloves    Garlic, smashed




1. Mix the 1# salt and 3 gallons water and soak the cucumbers over night or up to 48 hours then drain.


2. Mix remaining salt and water with vinegar, dill seed, pickling spice, turmeric and sugar. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and continue simmering for about 10 minutes.


3. Tightly pack the cucumbers in an appropriately sized container with the chiles, sprigs of dill and mashed garlic. Empty the pickling solution into container with cucumbers and everything. Weigh cucumbers down with plates or something and cover with cheesecloth. Let cool (about 30-60 minutes) and store in refrigerator.       


4. Pickles are ready in 10 days and can be held for an additional 4 weeks under refrigeration.



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