1#            Sweet Italian Sausage

1/2 cup    Onion minced

4 cloves  Garlic minced

28 oz       Tomatoes, canned crushed

13 oz       Tomato Sauce

1 Tbsp     Sugar

1 1/2 tsp  Basil, fresh and ripped

1/2 tsp.    Fennel seeds

1 tsp.       Italian Seasonings

1/2 Tbsp  Salt

1/4 tsp.    Black Pepper, freshly ground

12            Lasagna Noodles

60 oz       Ricotta cheese

4 oz         Mushrooms, Portabella sliced

4              Eggs

1.5#         Mozzarella, fresh sliced

3 oz         Mozzarella shredded

3/4 cup    Parmesan grated



1. Cook onions, garlic and mushrooms in a dutch oven over flame until browned. Mix in sausage at that point and continue slow cooking until sausage has also browned.                                                


2. Stir in crushed canned tomatoes, sauce, sugar, basil, fennel seeds, italian seasonings, salt,  pepper and parsley. Continue simmering for about an hour and a half.


3. You can cook lasagna noodles in a pot of boiling water until done or cook one by one in a pan of simmering water removing with slotted spoon. Either way rinse under cool water when done to stop cooking.


4. Mix together ricotta, eggs and .5 tsp salt in a bowl and begin preheating oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.


5. Spread a cup and a half of meat sauce in the bottom of an appropriately sized baking dish and cover with 6 lasagna noodles. Evenly spread out half the ricotta cheese mix and lay out a third of the mozz slices.


6. Cover with additional cup and a half of meat sauce and sprinkle a quarter cup of parmesan.


7. Lay remaining noodles on top and cover with the rest of ricotta, another third of mozz slices and remainder of meat sauce. Top that with last of mozz slices and parmesan. Add shredded mozz.


8. Spray one side of aluminum foil with nonstick spray or grease with butter and cover lasagna (greased side down of course).


9. Bake in oven for about 25 minutes, remove foil and cook until done (about 20-25 minutes more),


10. Remove and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes before  cutting.



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