2-3            Eggs

1 Tbsp.     Dairy (1/2 & 1/2 recommended 

1 Oz.         Cheese (optional, whatever cheese you love)

TT             S/P

TT             Additional Seasoning

1 Tbsp.     Butter


1. Shred cheese and set aside. 1 oz. is simply a moderate suggestion ... personally I add way more but I'm from Philly so, there's that.   

2. Crack eggs into a bowl with S/P, any additional seasoning and dairy or dairy substitute of choice (milk, soy milk, heavy cream etc.). 

3. Whisk mixture until totally uniform.

4. Melt butter in pan over medium heat and pour egg mixture into pan. Scramble with wooden spoon or rubber spatula (never metal utensil).

5. Once the eggs are no longer runny they are done!

6. Plate your scramble, top with cheese and dang buddy ... enjoy!



5 Minutes or so


1 Serving

Pro Tip:

-Garnishing with a little parsley makes it look fancy.

-Mixing in the cheese after you pour the egg mixture into the pan makes cheesy scrambled eggs. However this may result in a slightly more difficult pan to clean ... my opinion, it's worth the extra cleaning effort. 

Interesting History & Trivia:

-Scrambled Eggs are great to serve someone when you don't want to admit you screwed up their omelette.

We Love You.