1/2             Summer squash

1/2             Zucchini

1/4             Red Pepper

2 slices      Red Onion, cut to desired thickness


    As Desired:

                Marinade, Rub, Seasonings or at least a little oil to coat and S/P to season.


1. Preheat grill. Use wire brush to remove burnt crap stuck to the grill grate. Rub a lightly oiled towel over the grate to help remove and excess waste and to help season grill.


2. Cut vegetables to desired size and shape.


3. Marinade, rub season or just lightly oil vegetables to taste.


4. Place veggies on grill grate and cook until desired doneness.



Pro Tip:

    NOTE: the point in grilling is to achieve desired texture and slightly burnt flavor otherwise known as “charred”.  To achieve this do you best to only flip grilled item once. It is to be flipped with attractive grill marks are laid across the item without the item otherwise turning black. Too much heat, too much oil, too much time or not enough time can all lead to an undesired end so get to know the feel of your grill before attempting to use for service unless otherwise experienced.

   Serve while hot with appropriate meats or dipping sauce.

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