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   Got a couple associates degrees and some pretty heady restaurant experience under my belt including but not limited GM of various Sm-Md sized establishments & owner of 1. 

   Over the last few years I've been freelance consulting, tasking via TaskRabbit, driving Lyft and part time baking. Reason for the shift in career path is to free time to focus on building LiveCarePhilly.Org. If you've liked my content I hope you'll check out the rest of my stuff found in the attached links. 

     Have a lovely day.  ^__^

Life & Community Focuses

What I Try to Strengthen in Myself


The Communities I Wish to Support

My Me Goals

Physical Shape

Physical Shape

Work On LiveCarePhilly.Org

Work on The Gifted Craftsman Story

Cook For Myself

Spend <= $100 per Month on Pot

Donate >= $75 per Month to Mighty Writers

Volunteer 16 Hours per Month at MANNA

Call My Mom More Often

Save $5,00 per day

Sign Up to Volunteer at Morris Animal


Routine Toward Goal

My Current Follow Through Is:

15 min Yoga, 4 Times per Week

About: 23%

Run 15 Miles a Week

About: -11%

2 Hours per Day, 6 Days a Week

About: 130%

10 Hours per Week

About: 200%

3 Meals per Day, 28 Days per Month

About: 96.5%

3 Meals per Day, 28 Days per Month

Sigh, it's been a rough month. What?

1 time per month, best to make it early

About: 100%

4 Hours per Weekend

Still Need to Sign Up

Twice a Week (texting doesn't count)

About 150%

Every day (AND DON'T SPEND IT!)

About 100% (but I keep spending it)

When Quarantine Ends


Categories I've Contributed Content To


Philly Entities, Services & Events I Keep Tabs on

Philly AIDS Thrift Disco Night

Preston & Steve Food Drive

The Bagel Place Specials

We Love You.