2 cups      Rice, white and long grain

4 cups      Almonds, skinless

1               Piece of cinnamon bark about 2 inches

1 gallon    Water

1 cup        Sugar

1/2 tsp.     Vanilla

A bag        of ice


1. Wash and drain the rice. Grind until fine using a spice or coffee grinder. Mix with almonds and cinnamon bark


2. Add 3 and a half cups of water to the mixture and let sit overnight in a covered container.


3. Blend mixture until smooth using a blender.


4. Add 2 and a half more cups of water and continue blending. Add sugar and vanilla.


5. Strain Horchata through a fine metal strainer. Strain again through cheesecloth.


6. Add more water until desired milky like consistency is reached... about 2 cups.


7. Enjoy over ice.



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