1#               Mealy Potatoes

1/3#            Parsnips

3-4 cloves  Garlic, roasted and mashed and minced

3                 Clove

1                 Bay leaf

1/2              Onion

3 Cups        Heavy Cream

2-3 Tbsp     Horseradish

TT             Worcheshire

TT             Salt/White Pepper

2-4 Tbsp   Butter, soft


1. Place Heavy cream, the half onion, cloves and bay leaf in a sauce pot and simmer gently.


2. Peal parsnips and potatoes reserving in water with a few drops of lemon to prevent browning


3. When peeled remove potatoes and cut to a large medium dice. Removed and cut the parsnip to a small medium dice.


4. Fill a pot with cold water and dump potatoes and parsnips into water. Turn on heat high.


5. Bring to boil, reduce to simmer and cook until very fork tender but not overcooked.


6. Drain as much moisture as possible and remove potatoes/parsnips to mixing bowl fitted with a whip attachment.


7. Strain heavy cream.


8. Whip for 30-45 seconds until smooth. If lumpy then when liquid is added it will remain lumpy.


9. Add garlic and horseradish and whip for a few seconds then begin to add cream while whipping. Bring to desired consistency and texture, don’t over add. If you want to use 1/2 a cup use 1/2...if you would like to use all the cream use it all.


10. Once added season with Salt and White Pepper, worcheshire and whole butter to finish.


Serve warm.



mashed potatoes.jpg

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