4                Yolks, pasteurized if desired

1 tsp.         Salt

TT             White Pepper

1 tsp.         Dry Mustard

3 Tbsp.      Wine Vinegar

28 fl. oz.    Salad or Olive Oil of choice

TT              Lemon Juice (just a little bit)


1. Whip yolks be it by hand or in a mixer until thick, rich and smooth, lemony looking.


2. Add dry stuff and vinegar and blend by whisking.


3. Continue whipping and add a drop or two of oil, blend, add a drop or 2 more and 2 or 3 more drops and slowly continue adding more and more slowly so as not break the emulsification process.


4. If while combining you need to thin the mayo up a bit add a little vinegar and continue until all is incorporated then whisk in lemon juice and seasonings to taste.



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