The Vision in a Nutshell

To fund impactful Not-For-Profits around Philadelphia with revenue generated through various forms of Content Monetization, Membership Fees, Donation Campaigns

& Digital / Retail Online Sales.

All content will be free and aimed toward:

- educating & empowering YOU in the ways YOU want for YOUR life


- connecting YOU to the communities in Philadelphia YOU care about.

                                                  See The M.A.C. Fund Page for details.



  Hi, I'm Zachary (more about me in the The Team page).

     LiveCarePhilly is my hobby, it's my love letter to Philly ... to you. 

     I don't know coding, graphic design or how to influence.

     I'm making this on WIX, on my time and on my dime with a some help from my wonderful sister.

     None the less, I have a huge vision for this project. To be honest, I've been told a few times that my expectations are a bit unrealistic.

   If I were a lesser fool perhaps I too would not believe this idea will ever work.

   But I'm a pretty big fool so every day I add a little more content.

   Content I hope encourages, empowers & connects YOU to what is most important to YOUR life.

You & I can strengthen the communities we care about simply by strengthening ourselves. 

     Why have I spent over 200 hours (and counting) on this fools idea? 

     Billions get passed around in the "influencer" and "content" markets. While I don't mean to villainize those who earn that money and use it to make their lives better, if LiveCarePhilly can siphon some of that off into the communities that we care about rather than ... let's do that! 

So at LiveCarePhilly, 100% of all forms of revenue made from content is donated.


     It won't be much at first, or even for a while but the vision is that over time so much helpful content is added to this site that the revenue generated can be of use to those who struggle to serve the communities we care about.

     Please don't take my word for it, once this site is monetized check out The M.A.C. Fund page. It will show how, whether it be a few dollars a month or thousands every week ... whatever this site is able to generate, it will all go to the communities that make up this amazing city.

The Goals

      LiveCarePhilly will grow in many, many ways and we hope you check back often to grow with us. Below are many of the features my sister and I will be building into the site over the next several months. But the vision is to make this site a community so if you feel led to help in any way or would like to contribute content on any subject, until we get our Contribution Portal set up, please feel free to reach out to Love@LiveCarePhilly.Org


    -Site Metrics (how much money has been donated to where, progress charts, live graphics etc.)

    -Individual Metrics (metrics reflecting progress you make toward personal goals you set for you in your member profile)


    -LiveCarePhilly BLOG & Podcast focusing on Philly-centric events, entities, history, culture & future.


    -Better content pages ... as of the posting of this site the only content published is culinary based.

The pages are rudimentary and we look forward to making them more informative, interactive and engaging.

    -Wider variety of content ... as of the posting of this site the only content published is culinary based. Subject by subject libraries of content focusing on: Art & Expression, Crafting & Fabricating, Physical & Mental Well Being, Personal & Social Progressive Living and so much more will populate the site.


    -A calendar page that aggregates many relevant calendars from around the city.

    -Member Features will allow the calendar to appear on the member profile page displaying events from chosen sources. Will also be syncable with other calendars.


     -Free Membership will include the ability to join forums, leave comments, rate / share content, join mailing list etc.

     -$3.00 per month Membership is going to be unique and awesome! The mechanics of our membership feature matrix will effortlessly change 1000's of lives of people who have never even heard of this site.

Details and features of membership to be unveiled soon. 

The M.A.C. Fund

    The M.A.C. Fund (Money Across Communities Fund) will start as a series of spreadsheets. Eventually it will upgrade to audience engaging, self updating progress graphics and metric banks. The point of The M.A.C. Fund is to show which revenue stream every penny comes in from as well as where every penny goes to. 

    Our revenue streams will start with Content Monetization but eventually extend to include online sales (digital & physical purchases), membership fees and more. Please visit The M.A.C. Fund landing page to see our unique commitments ... we are really serious and really excited about them.  


    We hope if you do something well you might consider donating a tutorial, pictures, guide, faq, video, schematic, pattern etc. to help populate LiveCarePhilly's content libraries. I don't take pay from this so I can't use the sites funds to pay for content. However anyone who gives LiveCarePhilly content will get free membership (once that feature is out). All contributors will also get mad love on LiveCarePhilly's website, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

    If you like this site and what it's trying to accomplish please follow us on social media. The high our followers the likelier LiveCarePhilly is to getting great content donated. 


    Our concept for a digital download store as well as a retail store are pretty cool. Please check back for updates.


    Site Generated Profiles: as of now when discovering a Community Resource, Not-For-Profit or Progressive Business, LiveCarePhilly only provide a few sentences and a link to their website. Eventually LiveCarePhilly will provide a custom profile page for every entity we list which will include an expanded summary, links to their social media, select pics or video, event information and other pertinent info.

    User Generated Profiles: We want entities on this site to have their own free, customizable profile. The same goes for individual members. We  

We Love You.