4                Pork Chops about 3/4 inch thick

1/2 cup      Flour, seasoned to taste

4 Tbsp.      Bacon fat rendered or Vegetable Oil

2 cups       Leeks halved lengthwise, thinly sliced, white and light green part only

6               Garlic cloves, thin slices

3/4 cup     Chicken Stock

TT             S/P, Wh. Pepp, Bl. Pepp, Sugar granulated, Paprika, Cinn, Dry Chilis, Anise or whatevers clever.


1. Lightly dredge the chops in flour, set aside.


2. Heat bacon fat over medium and fry chops until lightly golden on both sides...remove and reserve chops.


3. Add leaks & garlic to bacon and cook for about 10 minutes until they begin to  brown.


4. Replace chops to pan and add stock/wine. Stir, shake, move around in fact, just smother them chops wit that lil’ leek mixture you got goin’ on and while ya at it season, taste, season, taste, lick lips, season and taste again with whateva’  ya’s got layin’ round tha kitchen..


5. When you’ve had your fun reduce the flame to a simmer and cover pan.


6 .Continue cooking the chops periodically checking tenderness with fork...30 maybe 40 minutes or so should do. Don’t poke too deep or too often though ‘cause the less disturbed the meat and temp. the better the final out come will be. In other words ... get to know the touch and experience methods of cooking meat.



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