12               Figs, peeled

1 pt.           Raspberry puree

1 pt.           Cream, whipped to soft peak


1. Peel skin off figs. With a sharp pairing knife cut a cross into the top then being careful not to cut all the way through extend the depth of the cut almost to the bottom so the figs sit slightly open like blooming flower.


2. Make sure puree has chilled in the fridge and is at least decently thick.


3. Whip chilled cream to soft-medium peaks (they should about double in size...sift a little confectioners sugar into bowl as they whip to make more durable).


4. Fold the puree into the whipped cream and re-chill for about an hour.  


5. Arrange figs on plate(s) to serve and either pipe or plot a dollop of the puree/cream mixture over each one.


6. If desired sprinkle lightly with dark cocoa powder or shaved dark chocolate.



Pro Tip:

12 oz Roux   TO 1 Gallon Liquid = Light Sauce

1#  Roux       TO 1 Gallon Liquid = Medium Sauce

24 oz. Roux  TO 1 Gallon Liquid = Heavy Sauce

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