3 #            Beef, inexpensive cut like chuck

1               Beef bone with marrow (that would be an uncooked beef bone)

3               Carrots, medium sized

2               Turnips, small

1               Onion

1               Leek, large and trimmed

2 sprigs    Parsley, fresh

1 sprig      Thyme, fresh

1 sprig      Rosemary, fresh (optional)

3 leaves    Celery

2               Cloves

TT             S/Wh. Pepper

3 qt.          Water


1. Place beef and bone into appropriately sized stock pot and cover with 3 quarts cold water.


   *NOTE: If you would like to be eccentric and go the extra mile use beef stock instead of water.


2. Bring to boil, reduce to a simmer, partially cover and simmer for an hour skimming regularly with slotted spoon.


3. Make bouquet garni with parsley, thyme, celery leaves, cloves and optional rosemary by tying together in cheesecloth with twine or whatever.


4. Drop bouquet garni in simmering water tying other end to stock pot handle or just draping over side. Add vegetables at this time as well.


5.Bring back to a boil, reduce back to a simmer and continue cooking for 3 hours covered.


6. Strain through at least a strainer but for finer result, through china cap or chinois and for even finer result, china cap or chinois lined with cheese cloth.


7. Season to taste with Salt and White Pepper or Black Pepper if desired



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