2                Shallots, finely dice

2 fl. oz.     Red Wine Vinegar

TT             Salt

4               Anchovy Filets, salt packed, better the quality the better

3.5 oz       Parsley, flat leafed, chopped fine

1 oz.         Chives, chopped

1/2 oz.      Chervil, chopped

1/2 oz.      Thyme, chopped

1 oz.         Capers, chopped

1 Tbsp.     Lemon Zest

8 fl. oz.     Olive Oil Extra Virgin

2 fl. oz.     Olive Oil, whatever


1. Cover shallots with the red wine vinegar and salt to taste for about 20 minutes or so.


2. Rinse and chop fine the anchovy filets.


3. Mix together everything except the shallot mix. Puree if needed to make a sauce like consistency.


4. Mix in shallot mixture, adjust seasonings, reserve in clean container and refrigerate for a week or


         Ever wonder what it would be like to breath out of your elbows?

Makes about as much sense as this being a salsa I know.

But give it a whirl, you'll be surprised.



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