2 fl. oz.     Butter, clarified

12 oz.        Mirepoix

2 #             Shrimp and/or lobster and/or crayfish shells

2                Garlic clove

1 oz           Tomato paste

2 fl. oz.      White wine

2 qt.           Fish veloute (preferably made with shrimp stock)

1                Sachet

1 cup         Heavy cream, warm

TT              Salt/Wh. Pepper

TT              Cayenne Pepper

1 #              Shrimp, peeled and deveined.

2-3 bunch  Basil, fresh

if needed   Slurry


1. Sauté mirepoix in clarified butter and shrimp shells until caramelized.

Toss in garlic and tomato paste and continue sauteing for a a minute or two. Mix around with wooden spoon.


2. Add in brandy and flambe and allow to reduce and build a light fond.


3. Deglaze with white wine using wooden spoon to scrape fond off bottom of pan. Reduce by half.


4. Whisk in the shrimp veloute and add sachet and simmer for 1 hour making sure to skim the top from to time of impurities.


5. Remove and throw out sachet. Strain reserving liquid in one bowl and ingredients in another.


6. Remove shrimp shells as much as you can but don’t torture your self over it.


7. Puree the ingredients and return to liquid and return to a simmer for about 10 minutes.


8. Strain through a china cap lined in cheese cloth and return to simmer.


9. Slowly whisk in cream and finish with a little butter while whisking continuously.


10. Season to taste with salt, pepper, cayenne and other desired seasoning.


11. Cook shrimp and cut to desired cut or leave whole if you want ... whatever.


12. Serve hot with hot soup and chopped basil. Blanch and shock the basil first.


13. If necessary thicken before service tomato paste and rapid reduction or slurry but if a slurry be careful about starchy flavor.



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