1 bottle      White Wine (a friend told me Vino Pipeno is traditional)

1-2 cups     Pineapple Ice Cream

TT              Cinnamon, ground (optional)


I saw this done on Anthony Bourdains show and asked a Chilian coworker of mine if he ever had it before. Immediatly he got happy and told me how his grandmother would make the pineapple ice cream from scratch and mix it at summer family gatherings. There would always be the kids pitcher which was mostly ice cream and the adult pitcher which was mostly wine.

  Anyway ... all you need to do is:


1. Pour a bottle of white wine (apparently Vino Pipeno if you can get it) into a pitcher and


2. Mix in to taste pineapple ice cream with a wooden spoon or something. He also said some would


3. Sprinkle cinnamon (optional) on theirs.



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