5 oz.          Salt Pork, fatty

6 oz.          Carrots, small dice

6 oz.          Onions, small dice

10 #           Tomatoes concassee

1                Bay Leaf

1                Sprig of Thyme

5 oz.          Flour

2 oz.          Butter

1 oz.          Sugar

2 qts.        White Stock

TT             Salt/Wh. Pepper



1. Fry the pork and butter in deep saucepan. When pork has just about fully rendered add carrots, onions and salt and white pepper. Cook vegetables while stirring with wooden spoon. Add flour and allow to caramelize (brown).


2. Add stock and tomatoes, mix very well and set over high heat to boil. Add thyme, bay leaf, a crushed glove of garlic, cover the saucepan and place in an oven preheated to 275-350 for an hour to hour or so.


3. At this point either puree with immersion blender, cuisinart or blender OR strain through chinois into clean pot.


4. Either way at this point finish with some heavy cream and or butter. Taste, Season, Taste with salt, white pepper, sugar, a drop or two of white vinegar and any other spices you might like.



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