It's not about your ability to help,

it's what it means to someone when you try.

Directories Should Be Fun

Directories Should Be Fun

Philly is Community. 

Women Empowerment, Animal Welfare, Civil Rights, Homelessness ....

what you are passionate about, Philadelphia rallies around. 

 It's often hard to see so below are 3 ways to find the communities you belong to. 

You Are Not Alone.


Everyone has an idea what NFP's are but few people realize how extensive, how prolific the Philadelphia NFP scene actually is. 

LiveCarePhilly has several hundred (thousands more to be added)

organized into 17 categories.

Adding more every day,

Impactful Businesses

    There are many businesses in Philadelphia that are:

     -financially sustainable

     -demonstrating solid growth

     -using profit & resources to bolster community in ways that DO NOT return profit.

Let's get to know these Compassionate Capitalist Community Heroes!

Neighborhood Map

Yes, there are far more than 57 Neighborhoods in Philly.

For ease (for now) LiveCarePhilly has taken the 57 Neighborhood Map and made it clickable. 

On the list, click on the Neighborhood you want to explore. You'll find what Businesses, NFP's, Public Art & Gardens are waiting for You.

Coming Soon

We Love You.