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Zachary Scott

AKA: Chef Nubbs


    LiveCarePhilly.Org is a hobby born of a passion for this city which took hold of me in the 90's. 

    The links below will hopefully answer any questions about how this unique business model operates, came to be and will hopefully evolve. Thank you for taking a moment to see what makes this site unlike any other.

   As for me, what began as a conversation in a small coffee shop with my best friend in 1994 turned into a life long obsession to formulate a new way of doing business. A way that supports me but far more so supports developing and progressive community.  My story is long so it's tricky to summarize but I will do so. If you've interest in my personal background, authenticity, reputation or whatever please check back regularly or simply reach out. I love conversation. 
    Thank you for your patience in our development.

LiveCarePhilly.Org (in a nutshell)


    LiveCarePhilly.Org is a free content & resource provider which supports local communities by donating 100% of the revenue generated each time it's content is viewed.

    The larger the audience, the more content contributed to our community, the greater the impact we all will have on our own lives and the lives around us ... for free.

    If you are reading this then you have already contributed simply by clicking ... welcome to The Team!

Our Audience


Our Communities

You are our audience and you are our community too.

Your role as audience is simple ... use us as much as you find use. 

Your role as community is simple ... let us know where you see need.

The revenue we earn for having an audience is donated 100% to the communities our audience tell us to donate it to.

See The M.A.C. Fund for details.

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We Love You.