Tomato Sauce #33: Thick Spicy Mustard, Sweet Onion

Updated: Feb 25

A creamy tomato sauce with surprising depth to it's spicy side.

For this recipe you'll need:

-a primary knife (chef's or other choice) and suitable space to cut on.

-2 pots, 2-4 qt capacity. Preferably 1 metal bottom, 1 non stick but not necessary.


-metal bowl bigger than the strainer

-wooden spoon and whisk

-emersion blender

Coats and accentuates ravioli's.
Combine in equal part with apricot jam and heat to near glaze then pour over spicy pork loin.
Mix with ingredients for a casserole or bake ... this sauce is wonderful and versatile.


1. Mise en place all ingredients.

Note: see the tomatoes in the pic? Keep 'em messy. You want that juice and the seeds and skins for this recipe. So just do a basic fat dice

2. Heat just enough oil to lightly coat the bottom of your metal bottom pan. Toss 1 onion bit into the pot, when it starts dancin' dump the garlic and shallot in. (not the rest of onion). Mix around wit your wooden spoon lightly so it all lays evenly on the bottom of pan. Keep on medium to medium-high heat until fragarent and a different shade of color then when you put it in.

DON'T WORRY about that super dark so dark brown grit developing on the bottom of your pan. If it's black ... like black black ya, you kinda screwed up but when it's super dark brown that's good. You want that.

3. Throw onions in and toss around, mix around. Some of that brown grit (it's called FOND) will come up. Continue to saute until onions are aromatic and translucent (which is recipe speak for someone in the house says "that smells good! what is that?)

4. Add carrots and celery, reduce heat to a lesser medium. Repeat the mixing and jiving to release some of that grit but also let it stick around too. Let hang out for about 3-4 minutes.

5. Add tomato and mix aggressively with wooden spoon. Start gettin that grit up at the same time be breaking down the tomato chunks.

6. Add stock / broth or what have you.

7. Stir in dried seasoning blend of choice, nothing else. Let simmer for about 10 minutes or so gently stirring from time to time.

8. Crank up da heat and hard simmer for about 20 minutes. Stir regularly.

You don't want to burn anything but you do want the hard simmer to break down the ingredients. Compare photos above and to the right.

9. Pour through strainer into metal bowl. Thoroughly separate liquid from ingredients.

10. Pour liquid back into nonstick pan. Dump vegetable matter into metal bottom pan. Gently simmer the liquid so as to enrich and reduce. Meanwhile, the aim of the metal bottom pot is to dehydrate the ingredients caramelizing and intensifying the earthy flavors.

No fat, just dump in as is over medium-high to high heat. It's ok if there is some liquid but dry to strain out as much as possible. Move enough to keep from burning but allow to cake together. When you move you should see pockets of steam release ... that's a good thing.

11. Into the solid ingredients add chipotle mix and sugar. Mix thoroughly.

Into the liquid stir in the dijon followed by the hot sauce and then finish by stirring in the roux.

12. Recombine solid ingredients into liquid. Using the emersion blender, blend thoroughly while adding honey. Once thoroughly blended and smooth, whisk in dairy (milk if you wanna lean healthy, heavy cream if you don't care :).

Taste. Stir in 1-2 tsp of white vinegar. Taste again. Add a little more white vinegar if desired. Simmer for 3 minutes and take off heat. Don't add salt until ready to eat.

13. On this nite I burnt up some sausage, boiled ricotta butternut squash ravioli, covered it with the sauce and garnished with parm add salt blend.

Bottle of wine or 3.

If you have with wine, feel free to splash some in before serving.

After dinner recommendation, strong indica, chocolate and peanut butter.

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